Are you a managers who want to get better at “it”?

The starting point for a Mindful Manager is in understanding that life is always a process of self-development both for the managers and for all that they work with.

From cradle to grave, we each continue to learn and grow and improve as people, unless we stagnate or reach a point when we believe that we have “made it”. It is then that we believe we have nothing else to learn. Those that reach this point are on arrogance overload and are really ready to hang up their guns and head for garden leave. Managers that achieve arrogance overload have ceased to learn and are effectively in a state of decline.

In mindfulness, you wake in the excitement and the promise of the new day and the new challenges ahead. If you get to the point when this is not the case, you are tarnished and will then impart your negative feelings to those that you manage.

A positive outlook may not be your natural state of mind. Many managers need to learn to find, or rediscover, their inner enthusiasm. Mindful Managers share that enthusiasm with their team.

The Mindful Managers programme is not directly concerned with the technical side of your business function. It assumes that this is your main skill base and knowledge set. This programme is interested in people and effective communication and the role of effective management.

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14. October 2011 by Mindful Managers
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